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Twinkle by Wen Lan @ NY Fashion Week Fall 06 Show

PJ Gach Freelance Writer


Fashion Features

NY Fashion Week: Twinkle by Wen Lan
by PJ Gach
EDGE Style Contributor
Thursday Feb 9, 2006

Twinkle by Wen Lan has a lot of fans. Mischa Barton, Jessica Simpson and Maggie Gyllenhal love her stuff. They adore her whimisical chunky knits and way with fabric. Not me.

Her sweaters look like she’s channeling Marisa Christina sweaters from the 80’s. Too cutesy, and folkloric. I am only thankful there wasn’t a teddy bear or bunny sweater in the collection.

She did jump on the leggings bandwagon. She showed striped leggings that were either full length or Capri with almost everything. There was a collarless coat that was baggy- baggy like the Olsen twins, not chic boho. Many Jackets and sweaters were length and as shapeless as a shmushed paper bag. There were one or two standouts; a beautifully simple black length sleeve sweater paired with a delicate printed skirt, a flutter cap sleeve dress in the same print as the skirt, but unfortunately paired with blue and white striped leggings, a pale cinnamon trench coat over a boldly printed dress with a fisherman’s knit scarf.

Oh the scarves. Loved them. They were thick chunky knits in burgundy and marine blue. There was a super long pale grey mohair with a pointelle weave that was stunning.

I did like the juxtaposition of tweed (jackets, jumpers, coats) against the silk prints. It created a nice edge. Trust me, I adore funky BoHo wear, and like to swim fashion-wise in my own stream. It’s just this lumpy, dumpy cut I loathe.

Fuckability factor: bag lady chic, or I just want to play Bohemian starving artist in my $800 Twinkle outfit. Grrr.

Goodie Bag: Pretty amazing! Eye shadow duo and lip gloss from Nars, a gift certificate from Completely Bare for a waxing of your choice (Brazilian etc.,) and hair products from Redken. (The hair spray is so big, it doubles as a baton.)

PJ Gach is a Contributing Writer for the Style Section of the EDGE group of publications. She’s a Manhattanite, a proud dog owner, gal about town and freelance writer. Some of the publications her pieces have appeared in are The New York Post, Rolling Stone (web & mag), Ingenue Magazine and Drill magazine. In her spare time, she rescues orphaned shoes.

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