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Michael Wesetly @ N Y Fashion Week Fall 06 Review

PJ Gach Freelance Writer


Fashion Features

NY Fashion Week: Michael Wesetly
by PJ Gach
EDGE Style Contributor
Sunday Feb 5, 2006

Philadelphia native Michael Wesetly had his second show at Fashion Week, this past Friday…and he should have stayed at home.

While the designer has showed his line since 2003 in Europe, Asia and South America, looking at his fall 2006 collection you’d be hard pressed to think that he’s a fashion veteran.

It appears as if he’s channeling early Sean Jean and Ralph Lauren. There’s so much an hommąge you wonder if he has his own voice. He seems to also look to Oxford for inspiration; but it’s an acid trip tinged Oxford.

To whit, what man would wear a khaki wool blazer with an elastic back, matched with a rep tie and jeans? From the front it appeared that the model was wearing a corset. His tomato red corduroy blazer, I think meant to be professorial, wasn’t. One outfit sported a beige cap, yellow turtleneck, navy blazer with a huge crest, and white flannels. Where’s the yacht? A navy suit sported red, white and black pinstripes. Pant legs puddled to floor. Some blazers had puckered center seams. Yes, everyone’s in a rush for the show, but if the other designers can pull it together, then everyone should be able to do it.

Glen plaids and rep ties abounded. So did oversized leather bombers, driving caps and beanies. Yes, I can see it now. Mr. Mid level HSBC Broker is going to show up at work in a tailored suit and beanie. It’s the new corporate look. Many of the men’s blazers were so big, that they seemed to list to one side as the model moved in the other direction. Anyone here remember David Byrne’s (from The Talking Heads) big white suit? Anyone? Another horror of a jacket was a brown and tan checkerboard blazer- where were the backgammon pieces? What mind creates a velvet tuxedo with leather patches? Speaking of leather patches, they showed up on almost every blazer.

There were three pluses to this show. Wesetly showed three blazers that were not only different from what’s been seen, but were really nicely done. One was a brown with light cinnamon embroidery; the second was a deep chambray blue with sand embroidery. The third was a khaki blazer with brown embroidery. They were beautifullytailored, well thought out and nicely detailed. The third plus was that he had the male cast members of Broadway’s The Colored Purple walk at the end. These gentlemen wore excellently tailored business suits in deep charcoal, black or grey with the ubiquitous rep tie. It was wonderful to see the cast members stalk the catwalk.

If you like ‘em loud, oversized and an interesting combination of classic meets... I’m not sure, this is for you. The clothing looked more like bad cartoons than modern menswear.

Fuckability Factor: Only in extreme cases. Think double beer goggles. Mustard shiny suit? Loud floral shirt with business suit. Be appropriately blotto.

Goodie Bag: Only for the first one or two rows. One small bottle of Tanquery, two drinking glasses, pen, pad and mints. All stamped with Tanquery on them. Tacky.

PJ Gach is a Contributing Writer for the Style Section of the EDGE group of publications. She’s a Manhattanite, a proud dog owner, gal about town and freelance writer. Some of the publications her pieces have appeared in are The New York Post, Rolling Stone (web & mag), Ingenue Magazine and Drill magazine. In her spare time, she rescues orphaned shoes.

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