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Idle Thoughts
Thursday, 25 December 2003
I've moved the blog to

The new addy is

This will promote more traffic and more readers.

Posted by pjgach at 10:54 AM EST
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Monday, 8 December 2003
Don't Feel Like a Headline
It snowed incessantly over the weekend. Friends from Florida were calling to see if I was okay. They don't seem to realize that the snow is pulverized into mush and the city turns into a sloppy puddle very quickly. So you're more or less jumping over gobs of grey goo.

Overheard a funny exchange today on the subway. Two guys were discussing their jewelry purchases that they made for their girlfriends. They were in their late teens early twenties. One guy said the to the other," Nah, she won't take it to the jewlers, just show it to her Mom. Dude you're soo safe."

Ah, the holidays.

Tonight hit the Ambulance Ltd., listening party at Hi-Fi on Avenue A. Jason Consoli (a truly nice guy) does PR for TVT records and is the genial co-host of the M.N.S.C (Monday Night Social Club) for us wacky Industry nights, showed off the upcoming Ambulance CD.

I got to hear seven cuts from the forthcoming release. The CD is coming out Spring 2004. That's too damn long to wait. So run, don't walk and pick up their eponymously named EP. How is it? Too damn fucking short. makes you feel frustrated and wanting more.

Seriously Ambulance Ltd.,'s sound is like a warm wall of music cocooning you. The guitars are liquidly luscious, deeply melodic and the general vibe is a contented hum that pervades your being.

Us critic folk have to rely on past music to describe new music, because (1)most people can relate to music when it's described as being like someone/thing and (2)some critics use comparisons as a crutch.

Me? I try to create new words or get weird. In the past I've described CDs as fast muscle cars etc.,

Back to Ambulance, Ltd., To an unintiated listener, I'd tell them that Ambulance Ltd., sounds like Pink Floyd meets a Jam Band. They take Floyd's aural landscaping and infuse it with an almost jazz fusion sensability with a nod towards the Jam Band loose limbed "yeah baby this if fun!" experimentation.

Anyway--will make more of an effort to hit MNSC. I miss getting in wacky discussions over songs, I've been nostalgic over having debates on the new versus the old Judas Priest et al.

Posted by pjgach at 11:31 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 8 December 2003 11:53 PM EST
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Thursday, 4 December 2003

Last night Ivan and I went to Tonic to see Kid Congo and Alice, Texas. Unfortunately, we mixed up the times and only saw Alice,Texas. I know that we've seen them before, just can't figure out where. They had a couple of pretty good songs, but most of their music is dirge-like. After the millionth funeral tune, we bailed and headed off to Luna. Never caught the band name, and that's fine...we ran over to the Johnson's drank beers, listened to the fabu jukebox and went back to Luna to check out their last band. That band was worth the weight.
Two Gallants are out of San Francisco; it's a guitarist and a drummer. They've got a very full rich sound, a kinda electro-acoustic feel to them and yeah, I'd see them again. The vocalist has a killer vibrato, and a wonderfully textured tenor voice.

Stef's book release party was tonight. Decided to go "film noir." Wore my 40's dress with a cocktail hat and a fur muff. Actually blew my hair straight for it, I was trying to do the Lauren Bacall Virginia Lake deal.

They served cranberry martinis. Dangerous. Yummy. Met some very interesting and cool people. Saw P., he's a friend of Stef's and does hair for all the NY fashion shows, music videos etc., He arrived late--straight from a video shoot. I asked him if he needed an assistant. I'd love to be able to sneak onto a shoot, and scoop some stuff for the mag. Hey to be able to hang out with all the clothes would be cool too.

Afterwards went out to dinner with Nica and her beau. Dan's a very nice guy. I think it's cool that he calls her by her last name, they've got a very playful way with each other. It can get very soppy when you see all the stuff oozing out of each other's eyes when they look at each other. They make me feel about 12.

Anyway...just found out that some boys that I know are reading this ole blog. Well, golly gee!

If I've offended anyone, I apologize. If I made you laugh, great!

But remember, I am a single person, and as such I'll smile, giggle, flirt and have a grand ole time. Until I'm in a relationship this is the way I'll be.

If you have a problem with it, tell me. If you want to get to know me better, I am not a mind reader, let me know. If you don't like being here let me know. If you're an idiot and behave boorishly, you'll be here. If you want to write a comment here, go ahead. If I had fun with you, It'll be here.

If and only if I have relationship with you (whoever you are) you won't be here.

Same with a lot of my work details--they won't be here.

Glad that we got that straightened out.

Posted by pjgach at 12:13 AM EST
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Tuesday, 2 December 2003

Just a quiet day in the neighborhood. Contacted editors, ran errands, the usual.

Did manage to get out of the wedding. I'm thrilled about that. The bride was getting out of control. The poor girl had very few friends and no social life, she's staffing her wedding party with friends and friends of friends etc., Her mother wants this huge insane todo, and bridey hasn't got enough spine to say nope.

Seven bridesmaids??!!! Yeesh. It's because the groom has seven friends and he wants all of them to be ushers....

She announced that she wants the ENTIRE wedding party to hang out once a month until the wedding. What's going to happen after the wedding? After parties?

It was just getting very out of hand and I don't even know the chick. So I bailed.

Posted by pjgach at 5:01 PM EST
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Monday, 1 December 2003
"I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink...."
Not really a Beatles fan, but that line keeps running through my head.

Spoke to my editor at the Men's Mag today about previous pitches, and am pushing to do a piece on remote controlled sex toys. I think it's funny, and if you're really into multi-tasking...

Have more or less gathered up CDs to review for my top ten list for another mag. Have to quickly re-listen to them and decide....

Was standing outside the Conde Nast building today when Michael Imperioli (of the Sopranos) walked by. He's shorter in real life. But carries himself with diginity. Wore all black; black topcoat, pants, and wrap around black sunglasses. Didn't look right or left. Kept his head up, and his eyes straight ahead.

Am off to check out a few bands with Ivan Tuesday night. Alice,Texas and a few others whose names I can't remember.

Wednesday night is Stef's book party. That ought to be a blast.

The cold has seeped into my bones, am off to lie down and read Plum Island.

Posted by pjgach at 9:43 PM EST
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I'm Baaaaack!!!
Yes, I am really alive. One day I was fine and the next day...boom! I was struck down with that horrid flu that was hurtling around the city. It started with a headache, and by the end of the day I couldn't swallow, breathe or walk.

I ended up spending a week in bed. I was so achy, and too tired to read or do anything. I just slept on and off. My voice came back midweek--and for three days I sounded like the love child of Darth Vader and the Exorcist.

The week after that I just killed trees by using way too many boxes of Kleenex.

Um, I think I've run out of excuses. No, seriously, being sick for over week, played havoc with my work life. I had a deadline or two that were screaming for me to hurry up.

So, here I am at the tail end of the T-day weekend, trying to summarize the rest of the month....where do I start?

Okay, my "dating moratorium" lasted most of the month--no, being sick had nothing to do with it. I think.

Last Tuesday, I met a very tall guy R., for drinks. Went to Lunasia, nice place, exposed brick walls, lots of places to sit. Chatted, drank and he asked me out for Sunday. He seemed like a nice guy, tall but nice. And never heard from him again. That's okay, I've been so busy, I needed the rest.

Wednesday night at 10:40 get call from M. Who I've met very briefly, and the ensuing convo proved to me, that sometimes brief is much better. Within two minutes into the convo, I now know he's been to Harvard and Columbia and is starting another business. He wanted to discuss econ theory with me. All I can say is "NEXT."

Thursday, Roxanne threw an amazing T-Day bash. She did the brine thing to the bird the night before...massive dishes of every traditional holiday food everywhere. There wasn't enough room on the table for all of the food. We all tried to do it justice, and then crawled into the living room to pass out and breathe. About an hour or two later, we game fully crawled back into the dining room, loaded up our plates, crawled back into the living room, put our plates down, then passed out. I crawled home in turkey stupor.

Friday night I was off to the Tribeca Grand. There in the Sanctum, Peter Hook of New Order was spinning discs. Grabbed Roxanne and Ivan for company, and went out to check out the scene and do some celeb spotting. If I saw a couple, I'd write it up and give to the mag. Somewhere in the crowd was either Fischer or Spooner...not sure. Peter Hook had pre-mixed his stuff, gave it to the DJ and went to the bar (outside the Sanctum) for a drink or two, then came back. The strangest part of the evening was dancing to a New Order tune, while Hook was hanging by the turntables.

The three of us were turning our little heads like radar, trying to catch a glimpse of someone I could jot down on my notepad. Nada. At one point, this really cute guy walked in. Yellow baseball cap, brown leather jacket, curly brown hair, kicks...he had this glow about him. He walked up to Hook, shook hands, they chatted for awhile, and he walked about the room a bit. I was tugging Ivan's arm, "Dude, who is that?" Ivan looked at him. "Don't think he's anyone...I'm not sure."

The crowd was as lame as a limp fish; we blew that pop stand and hit LIT.
LIT is a bacchanalia personified. The booze is cheap and flows from a generous hand, the patrons are relaxed, and the music rocks. It's got two floors. The basement has nooks, crannies, and a back room filled with cushy black sofas. No one seems to know about the back room, so it's easy to (and usually the only place) where you can cop a squat. Best of all, you can smoke in the basement.

So we went from someone's over-decorated rumpus room, to a redneck's basement. Hey, at least people know how to dance at LIT and the music is much better. After pushing, shoving and crawling our way through the crowd, we made it and threw ourselves onto a couch. Beers and lighters magically appeared. Suddenly I spot yellow baseball cap. I point at him, "Hey! You were over at the Tribeca Grand." He walks over, sits down and introduces himself. T is from France, has been here two months and is dj'ing and starting his own label. He invites me to check him out Saturday night when he's spinning at >b>VOID. I tell him that I'm checking out Hybrid at Avalon, but will try to get there. He kept bouncing back and forth between his friends and us. Yup, very flattering. Esp. since we were discussing everything from Napoleon to where you can hear techno in the city.

Two guys flop over to us. I really do mean flop, they were drunk out of their skulls. Two boys from East Hampton. Jay's tall, cute and blond. Colin, short and as nasty tempered as a garden gnome. They sit down, say hi and ask me to go home with them. I tell them, nah, too many elbows. They point at Roxanne and ask me if she'd go, "See the guy she's holding hands with?" They nod. "That's her boyfriend." They get up and try to snare someone else.

Rolled into bed about 3 AM. The next day, I get an email from T, reminding me about the gig, call him up and he puts me on the guest list.

Kate and I meet up to see Hybrid at Avalon. Many zillions of years ago, Avalon was Limelight. I remember that place from my misspent youth. It's weird to be dancing in a converted Gothic church. The old club retained a lot of that atmosphere; it was funky, dark, with candelabras and had a cool vibe. Now, it's all's high gloss and high tech. Pretty soulless. Band's supposed to go on at 10 PM. But, no! The crowd isn't big enough, they keep pushing it back. Kate and I are dancing, making fun of people, checking out the boys, but we're bored. The place feels like a bad high school dance. Only exciting thing was watching two guys try to out freestyle each other.

Back on the train to SOHO and off to see T do his thing. VOID should be re-named cooler. It was so damn cold I never took off my jacket. Saw T, chatted, he DJ'd and looked for me after. Must mention that it's very cute to see a boy hunting for ya. Found me, introduced him to Kate. Kate's off to Paris Wednesday, she's going to spend two weeks hanging out at her Dad's apt, while he's in Miami. T mentioned a few places she should check out, I suggested that he email them to me and I'll forward them to her.

The place was stacked with his friends. He went to make the rounds, and asked me if he could buy me a drink. I said, yes, and as soon as he left, Kate and I looked at each other and giggled. Um, it didn't go so great after that. Yes, he bought a drink, but for someone else, then he was making the rounds. Meanwhile, I'm getting that stupid high school feeling all over again. Y'know the one, where you feel like you're suede flat in a room full of stilettos?

Kate's telling me we ought to go; the worst thing is to hang there waiting. And yeah, I do agree with her. Hear me out, okay? Yes, he's asked a ton of friends to come and yes, he should spend time with them, but if you're gonna offer to buy someone a drink and maybe want to do a bit of sport kissing, c'mon on back soon. Not twenty or so minutes later. I didn't really care about the drink, but was looking forward to other things. So, we gather up our stuff and I walk over to T, to tell him that we're meeting friends at LIT, and there's my drink. Shit. He looks a bit crestfallen (whee!) and we talk about going out later on that week (double whee) and his looking at me with huge brown eyes and I'm smiling back...yeah baby!

Once more into the breech! Once more Kate and I hurl ourselves into the frigid air and walk to LIT.

After pretending we were in a rugby scrum, we make it into the back room. Couches and space. As soon as I tell Kate about Colin and Jay, they show up. "Hey guys!" They have no recollection of the previous night. Colin kept apologizing over an over again. Jay was still trying to get laid, their friend Amy walks over and we're having this funny and wild convo about men. Two very hot boys join us on the couch and jump into the convo. Pretty soon, we're all laughing and flirting. Then T pops his head in the doorway. Wow. He said that he and his friends were off to a different club. Okay, I now totally flattered. He didn't see me and popped out of the room. If he had come in, it would have been awkward, as I met S. and we were playing with feather boas and chatting. But, one of his friends saw me flirting and the usual with hmmm? Will he tell?

S and his friend A grew up in France. Yup, more Frenchmen and just like T, they've got dual citizenship. Okay, we (Kate, D, me and S) hung out till 5 am.

I've spent the day sleeping. I've been a busy, busy girl.

I've got a date with Ross this week and am wondering if S and T will call. Would love to hang with T, and S is an amazing kisser.

Stef's book party is this week.

Yup, this is gonna be a goooood week.

Posted by pjgach at 12:11 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 4 December 2003 1:41 PM EST
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Wednesday, 5 November 2003
All Quiet On The Home Front
Nothing incredibly horrible has happened this week. Hallelujah!

I got a call from the bride and have been promoted from Chupa holder to bridesmaid. I asked her if that came with a raise and a corner office. This wedding is getting really strange. I mean, the wedding's not till May, anything can happen before then. AND bridezilla now wants monthly "get togethers" with the bridal party. Why? Please tell me why. I'm wondering what's going to happen to her once the wedding is over. There's no way that I'll be going to monthly after parties. Uh huh.

Drummer boy surfaced. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I so don't care. Men. Yeesh. I think that word sums everything up nicely.

No, it's not that I don't like them, I do. They're wonderful. I just don't have limitless patience for their antics.

Had an interesting chat with a fellow freelancer tonight. Went to one of those media thingys. We snuck outside for a cig break and apropos to nothing, she asked me if I had a "significant other." I burst out laughing and said, "Honey, I haven't gotten laid since July and it wasn't that fabulous." Ever notice how some people turn very red very fast? She was like litmus paper.

"No, no, no! That's not what I meant. I mean how do you concentrate on work?"

"Look I date like a wild thing and if I could find someone with whom I'd like to get naked with, I would. But seriously, we all have different priorities. Some people's priorities are their relationships, and that's okay. Some people's priorities are their careers, and that's okay too. It's all about what's most important to you."

Oh yeah, I heard squeaky noises in the ceiling in my bathroom today. Not cute cartoony squeaky noises, real SQUEAKY NOISES.

So, I've got a two bed, no view and squeakers. I wonder if I can get the squeakers to chip in on rent or at least bring a nice housewarming gift.

Posted by pjgach at 3:24 AM EST
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Monday, 3 November 2003
Thank god it's over
Could it be that my biorythyms were low? Or that the stars really had it in for me? Suffice to say this was the week that needs a do over.

As I promised when I started this thing, I wouldn't/couldn't write about work, I'm sticking to that resolution. But work played into my having an INCREDIBLY stressful week, topped off by losing my keys.

My keys may be in the garbage or tucked somewhere in a lost or found bin, but they are not with me. Of course, my front door key is a medeco key, which means that the only way to get one is to go the manager's office and get it. Oh joy!

The nice bits of the week. Had dinner with Rose Wednesday night. We ate at our favorite restuarant, Cafe Topsy, 575 Hudson Street. They serve amazing British food. No, I am not on drugs, in the right hands any cuisine can be more than edible, and Topsy's has terrific ambience, yummy drinks and hot waiters (okay most of them are gay, but eye candy is eye candy). Plus Tony the owner is a doll and there's something nice about going to a place where everyone knows your name and you can kid around with them. It's sort of like being home, except better decorated and your living room is filled with strangers. I mean, I can go there, help myself to a cup of coffee, flirt with the boys, get dating advice and order a half portion of dessert.

Met up with Ivan after dinner, we had plans to troll the music venues in the LES, but since I had been on a shopping binge, (when I get very stressed I shop) we had drinks at Welcome to the Johnson's and caught a band at Luna.

The shopping bag was so heavy that I was listing to one side and I was so stressed out that I had three drinks (two martinis and one vodka gimlet) and I was still sober. I have zero tolerance for alcohol, and the fact that I could down three drinks and not feel it.....

Listened to a band called Speedway at Luna Lounge. The members look like escapees from a jam band and play excellent alternative rock. The sound system was on the fritz, combine that with hollow bodied guitar and ouch. They're definitely a band to see again. Music is fresh and the lead singer plays bass-doing all sorts of fancy finger work while singing--not easy.

Thursday night Albert and I finally caught up with another and saw Kill Bill Vol.1. I was bored. The fight scenes were beautifully choreographed, I think there was a plot, but don't quote me on that and the subtitles did not match what the actors were saying.

There were so many mini-hommages to various tv shows and kung fu movies that it smelled derivative. Yes, I know that the cheesy lighting was on purpose, but cheez louise...enough all ready.

Tonight was my first night as a judge for the First Annual Soapbox Comedy Festival it's being held throughout the city until the 13th. The comic I really enjoyed didn't make the cut. Sniff. I'm rooting for her anyway, the woman was very polished and funny.

Came across a silly fun song "Gay Boyfriend" by the British duo Hazzards. The video is silly and a great time waster. I wouldn't suggest watching it at work, you'll laugh out loud too much and get into trouble. Check out the website If you can also check out Adam Freeland's "We want your soul" song and or video. Full of biting wit about crass consumerism. There's a great line in the song, something about it being okay for America to go to sleep as our leaders are making our decisions for us.

Oh yeah, my date with drummer boy--got stood up. Could anything else have gone wrong? At least we weren't invaded by aliens!

This coming week had better improve, or I'm sending it back.


Posted by pjgach at 12:37 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 3 November 2003 12:38 AM EST
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Monday, 27 October 2003
One more time for the Eurythmics!
Have you ever noticed that it rains when
(a) You're wearing suede
(b) You're getting your hair done
(c) You've got a really important meeting?

Well today I had two out of three and dodged raindrops all the while.

Had an interview in the morning. The editor seems very cool. She's from the same area that I am, so we have that common language thing going on and the interview digressed from a regular one to swapping shopping tips. The job seems like it could be fun (it's not full-time) and it could hone my research skills etc.,I'd be in an office two days a week--with people! But the money is pretty bad. Yeah, I know we've all heard the mantra "the economy sucks, just take the money and run." Well, there's making money and there's making money and this just isn't it. I never thought I'd turn down a job because the money was poor, but there ya go. You can sometimes find yourself doing the darndest things.

Then I met up with Nica. I was off to get my roots hidden and Nica came along to see me transformed back into a "fierce redhead bitch" as Lucky, my hair guy calls me. After he applied the goop, I went to hang with Nica in the lounge. Between my hair piled up on top of my head (looking like the Bride of Frankenstein) and the black cape over my shoulders, I was ready for Halloween. If it wasn't raining, I could have walked around scaring small children on the street.

Nica and I were chatting away and the topic turns to men(of course). The minute we switch to that, every ear, male and female clicks on to our convo. It was like watching horse ears twitch.

Nica is in a quandry--she's got a bf who has been, shall we say, a dick in the past. Well, now he's trying (oh c'mon, they all do at some point) and she wants to be monogamous, but just met a very cute, funny, intelligent and successful writer. What to do? Go out on a date with the boy? or politely say no? I told her until she's married to go for it. Why be stuck in a so-so relationship when you could be tasting all sorts of yummy fruits? I'd rather do that than have to constantly second guess my boy. Who needs that type of exercise?

I suggested that she should have a spare or two laying around. They can always come in handy.

I told her about my dating moratorium, and she started laughing. Especially, after I told her I just met a very cute boy. Yeah, I'll probably go out on a date with him. He's into music and I just hope he doesn't react the same way the other musician I dated did. We were talking about bands and the boy got pissed off that I knew more bands than he did. First of all, it's what I do for a living, second of all if he's that competitive...

Speaking of boys, haven't heard from J. All I can say is yippee! I'm so bad. No, I'm not. If I really liked a boy and he liked me, I'd probably be in a completely different mindset.

I think that no matter how old you get, romance is always and I mean alwayslike high school. Every time I start talking about boys to Cris, she starts saying things like, "Oh my god! Will we see him in study hall??"

I think in the case of ilex boy, I'd have to revert to second grade and throw something at him. I have such bad aim, it's not a good idea.

Walking around in the rain woke up all my old sports injuries. They came screaming alive, and reminded me how banged up I really am. I have yet to take any advil. I'm just sitting here gritting my teeth. I have decided to join a gym next week. Winter is bad for me, my appetite revs up--I must have been a big hibernator in the past and I just bought a ton of super low jeans and want to wear them. The gym that I'm joining is now offering fencing. I haven't fenced since High School and I loved it. There's something satisfying about doing a circular riposte. The problem is I've wrecked my rotator cuff and am worried that I'll never be able to pick up an epee again.

Sara gave me some simple exercises that are supposed to build up the muscles around the cuff. I'll try them. I just hope I don't do any more damage. At this point in my life, I don't think there's enough crazy glue in the universe to keep me togther.

Found an all Paul Rauhofer all the time Internet radio station. Am in heaven.

am off to medicate my self and eat.

Posted by pjgach at 7:49 PM EST
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Sunday, 26 October 2003
The Lust List
Lately I've been lusting after all sorts of electronic devices. I have no idea why I suddenly want these things-- I know it's not the adverts on TV--Some switch in my mind has been flipped and I suddenly need, no crave objects that will most likely collect dust.
What I have a intense desire for are:
1)CD Walkman that plays cdr etc.,
2)DVD player
3)Picture phone
4)digi cam

I don't really need these things. Heck, I've got a vcr and tons of movies that I'm not watching now.

Maybe I'll get these goodies for my birthday or for Yule.

Then I'll have to figure out how to work them.

Posted by pjgach at 12:31 PM EDT
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